The Matador

100% love it
Down a dark, narrow staircase
Known for friendly staff and strong drinks, this dark and cozy punk-rock bar is for hip, open-minded people.
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    • steelydboy5759
      steelydboy5759 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Killin' 'em at The Matador
      If you weren’t at the Matador for Cinco de Mayo the other night- and by my account there must have been 20 or 30 of you-slap yourself right now. You missed a one of a kind celebration with local artist Tim Jag (Prairie Dog himself)spinning some of the best music ever played, Cesar running the bar with unbelievable skill and grace, and Frankie stepping in to curb any stupidity (almost none) with his unusually charming mix of pseudo tough guy and welcoming host. While Midnight Cowboy played silently on the huge screen-yes, with captions-Jag spun and spun, expertly switching from rockabilly to classic country to countrified rock and back again. Free beers came at me in a blinding flash as I spun my own tune switching from Corona to Tecate to Bohemia and back again. If I wasn’t mesmerized by Cesar’s sideburns, I was star struck by John Voight as a young man playing opposite Dustin Hoffman in one of the best movies of all time. The crowd came and came; Prairie Dog spun and spun; the beers and premium tequilas and good cheer flowed and flowed some more; the night became magical. The 2nd anniversary of the well hidden and low slung (under street level) Matador ranks as the first most entertaining event in my travels, and by all accounts, the spring chicken in me flew the coop some 30 years ago! I have been to 3 countries and a thousand bars; there is nothing like this place! Cesar and Frankie have some kind of jewel in The Matador, and their combination is perfect for Santa Fe, and all of New Mexico as far as I can tell. Be sure to feel the vibes while Jag Dog spins on Tuesdays; you will be transformed to a simpler time, and don’t forget to check out their DVD collection any night when you visit, because you simply must see this wonderful bar masquerading as the nicest place on Earth. Just across the corner from the historic plaza, The Matador sits in history, and you can see history in the making every night; not to mention sideburns that would make Elvis envious!!